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Keep Your Sneakers On Bonita Springs Home Buyers

If you’re thinking of coming to the area to look for a home or condo to buy in the Bonita Springs real estate market that’s the message – Keep your sneakers on.  This time of year savvy home buyers have or are flying back to the area to pick up a home to spend the winter in.

Follow me on this – If they found  a home today, wrote a contract, had their inspections, made application to the HOA and closed sale, it would take about three weeks or more at the speediest.  If there is a mortgage involved anywhere from 30-60 days to close sale.  That would have a new home buyer in Bonita Springs ready to spend January through May in Bonita Springs.

The sneakers come into play with condition of the real estate, whether it’s a home or condo.  Whether there are three homes for sale in a neighborhood or a dozen, the homes in the best condition with the best price sell the fastest. Especially this time of the year.  The buyers are motivated because rentals are in short supply.  The last home we listed in Hawthorne was in superb condition, staged, readied for the real estate market and it was under contract in six days!

Just remember this if you are coming to purchase real estate – if you look at 1/2 dozen homes in your preferred neighborhood area, your budget or amenity (such as gulf access or the most affordable high rise with a view) remember that other buyers are seeing the same thing.  You need to hop on it before the other home buyers do!

If you would like help scoring the best home or condo in the area call or text 239-273-7430.