Bonita Springs Home Buyers Worried About Overpaying

Bonita Springs Home Buyers Worried About Overpaying

Simply put, with a shifting market buyers are watching from the sidelines and still want to buy a home but they are worried about overpaying.  This could be a very real scenario in some neighborhoods but not in every community. Real estate is not only local but it is hyper local.

The critical part of buying a home in Bonita Springs is understanding absorption rates and how they work for buyers and keep them from over paying for real estate.

A great example would be for buyers who are interested in purchasing a property in a bundled golf community. There are varying levels of inventory in each of several bundled neighborhoods in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area. It’s not about “how many listings are for sale” but “the rate of sale” of listings in each neighborhood.  A community may only have 4 listings (which seems low) but it can technically have a year of inventory.

We are one of the few real estate teams in southwest Florida that actually knows and understands how to calculate absorption rates to make sure that you’re not leaving money on the table. We apply these principals to niche neighborhoods, city wide properties and even properties within a reasonable radius of where you’d want or need to live. This is how savvy home buyers are making smart choices and buying at the right price and not inflated prices or mispriced homes.

We promise you that when you’re ready to buy a home in Bonita Springs or Estero we can guide you with the correct data and statistics that will spotlight undercover bargains or show you neighborhood where there is inventory and room to negotiate.  239-273-7430 call/text