Bonita Springs Oak Tree

Removing a Large Tree in Bonita Springs Florida

It doesn’t matter if it’s a banyan tree or an oak tree.  Big trees that are not properly maintained are a head ache and a very costly matter to clean up.  Nature lover’s love trees and while they may try to keep them there are some valid reasons to groom and sometimes even removed big trees.

From my own standpoint of having purchased a canal front, gulf access home in the area of Bonita Farms in Bonita Springs I will share that I bought a home with an enormous ficus tree on the edge of the sea wall. In a perfect world (when there weren’t five competing offers) I would have negotiated the cost of removing the tree or at least grooming it.  It cost thousands of dollars to remove the tree, which I did a preventative measure so there wouldn’t be sea wall and property damage.  Thank goodness I did because Hurricane Irma came roaring through months later and that tree would have crushed my house and the neighbors house.

Large trees can also cause a silent, hidden damage to sidewalks, driveways, home foundations and septic/sewer systems.  Those roots grow slowly but they are powerful and can cause damage to your Bonita Springs home, long term.

Large trees are beautiful and provide much needed shade from the Florida sun.  You just have too keep the cost in mind when purchasing a home in the Bonita Springs area.  The cost isn’t in just cutting it down it’s also in the dump fees to remove the debris and the stump grinding to restore the yard where the tree was located.

There are a few things you to can to help with a surprise expense of tree removal. The first is to groom current trees.  If you have a large tree contact a tree company to trim it back.   They can groom that large unruly tree back to a tidy sphere.  It will keep branches from whipping your home in wind storms.  You can also have them start taking a branch or two off every year to minimize and reduce the over all size tree. 

If you’d like to learn more about a specific tree located on a property in Bonita Springs and how to best manage it contact a licensed tree service.  Some trees could be protected and have restrictions for trimming, cutting down or removing.

If you’d like neighborly advice from locals who have used tree services in Bonita Springs you can ask questions on the Bonita Springs Estero Community Forum