Fort Myers Beach Fun

A Fort Myers Beach Day Trip | Pier, Parks & Playgrounds

A super easy day trip, afternoon trip or just a trip for breakfast or lunch can be made to Fort Myers Beach from Bonita Springs.  Fort Myers Beach is accessible from only two main points.  The south end via Bonita Beach Road through Bonita Springs and the north end via San Carlos Blvd through the city of Fort Myers.  If you're coming from the south Bonita Springs direction there are a lot of causeway  views of Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. You'll drive right past Dog Beach, Carl Johnson State Park & Boat Ramp and Lovers Key State Park on your way to Fort Myers Beach.  A new large playground has been installed at Carl Johnson State Park, you can't miss it.

Most of the action happens at the north end of Fort Myers Beach where Estero Blvd. meets San Carlos Blvd.  There is a city square with plenty of walking space, boutique shops, restaurants and souvenir vendors.  In the evenings there are occasionally street performers.  A random visit on last Thursday offered a clown making balloon animals at the square near the famous Fort Myers Beach Pier.

The Pier now has generous lighting.  It's great for a stroll or just to watch the fishermen real in their catch.  From the Pier you can stand and watch live music from the back deck of the restaurant call "The Pier", also. 

If you're looking for something to do with kids in Bonita Springs, consider a drive to Fort Myers Beach.  There will be room for the kids to run around, plenty of colorful things to watch and noise and rowdiness is ok.  Also, consider walking the side street that goes under the Matanzas Pass Bridge by Snug Harbor.  A row of plywood and hand painted displays of pirates, people, dogs, etc with the face areas removed have been put up.  The kids can stand on the riser on the back, poke their face thru and be Cap'n Jack Sparrow for a great photo opportunity.

Free parking is scarce because the Pier area is popular.  If you park in a city lot just be sure to buy a parking coupon so you don't get a ticket.  Parking is relatively cheap, just a buck or two so bring some crisp one's with you.

You can also take the Trollee up the beach from Bonita Springs.  Read also:  Bonita Springs | Bonita Beach Trollee | Trolley to Fort Myers Beach