Bonita Springs Home Door

Once Upon a Time There Were Foreclosures

Sometimes, while I am arriving at a listing appointment I notice things. The front door of a home tells a story; how often it is used, if there are kids giving it wear and tear or if the home or condo has been foreclosed. 

Believe it or not, the Bonita Springs, Florida area is at an all-time low, with regard to foreclosures (bank owned or REO real estate).  The Bonita Springs real estate market is well into recovery and are almost nil and foreclosures are few.  About 8% of the real estate market closed sales in August 2015.  Only 3% of our active listings are , meaning .

The locks are the last of the remnants of evidence.  Mismatched door lock hardware sets or paint rings where the dead bolt was swapped from an oval to round shape or vice versa.  At any rate, I noticed this one today and thought I’d snap a photo for some reason … if not to let folks know to just change your door hardware. That deadbolt probably still fits a Fannie key and the home owner doesn’t even realize it. Safety first, Bonitians.