Lowest Rates in 37 Years

I'm going to make this morning's update a quick one-

Everyone seems to be taking it easy now that the Holidays are upon us.  Hey - everyone needs a little break every now and then!

But keep a few things in mind......

* We still have a very strong Buyer's Market here in South Florida - prices have dropped quite a bit over the year and as we enter the traditional busy season, these properties won't be available forever.

* In addition to the low prices and healthy inventory, last Friday mortgage rates hit their lowest point in 37 years!  The 30 year fixed rate home loan is WAY down (for purchases and rate-and-term refi's) and I'm confident that the rates on the Jumbo loans will edge a little lower also.

So..... the money is available and there is a wide selection of properties to choose from.  You're still waiting because........??  I'll leave it at that.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Marc J Blasi

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Marc J Blasi
For some time now, Knightlines Mortgage Services has been offering the people of Florida a convenient way to finance and re-finance their residential property.But that isn’t the entire story - we are also doing commercial lending in all 50 states.  AND - now we can offer commercial financing OUTSIDE of the country as well.  Caribbean, South America, etc - just call for the details.