Bonita Springs Mortgage

Mortgage financing that you may not be aware of....

Home financing is available through the USDA - the zoning of the property is important, but you would be surprised at how many areas actually do qualify in Florida.
Believe it or not, 100% financing IS still available.
Features of these mortgages include:
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • No Reserves
  • No Minimum Credit Score
  • Not Limited to First Time Home Buyers
  • Unrestricted Gifts
  • If appraisal is higher than purchase amount, you can finance the closing costs in to the loan 
  • So for all of you that are saying "there's no credit available" - and using that as an reason not to buy Bonita Springs real estate in this great BUYER'S market...  well, you're running out of excuses!
    Call me to see if you qualify. 

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    Marc J Blasi  
    For some time now, Knightlines Mortgage Services has been offering the people of Florida a convenient way to finance and re-finance their residential property. 

    But that isn’t the entire story - we are also doing commercial lending in all 50 states.  AND - now we can offer commercial financing OUTSIDE of the country as well.  Caribbean, South America, etc - just call for the details.