Rates Drop For Bonita Springs Real Estate Mortgages

After giving the out the good news that YES, money for mortgages IS available for Bonita Springs Florida home purchases - I'm here to let you know that the rates on the mortgages have come down quite a bit.

In other words: a 30-year fixed conventional mortgage can actually be had in the low 5% range.

I'm not talking about the 'teaser rates' that so many mortgage companies advertise either.  All too often they come paired with VERY high fees.

Due to all of the recent government 'help', mortgages are becoming even more attractive so that real people can get the money that they need to buy a home.

Free up the $$, more purchases, better economy.  The idea IS a solid one.

Rates could go lower - but I still haven't found a crystal ball that's really dependable.  So if you've been thinking of refinancing don’t hesitate to ask. 

For some time now, Knightlines Mortgage Services has been offering the people of Florida a convenient way to finance and re-finance their residential property.

But that isn't the entire story - we are also doing commercial lending in all 50 states.  AND - now we can offer commercial financing OUTSIDE of the country as well.  Caribbean, South America, etc - just call for the details.

Marc J Blasi

(561) 282-7406