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Bonita Springs Refinance Rates Still Below 5%

Recently, President Obama talked  about the record low interest rates available for home loans and how this is a great time for millions of homeowners to refinance.

Quite a few news sources criticized him for sounding too much like a salesman - but hey, they have to have something to complain about....

Regardless, the fact remains that interest rates on mortgages are STILL available below 5%.

So if you're looking to change your adjustable-rate loan to a fixed, or just get the rate dropped on your current fixed-rate home loan, NOW would be a great time to do it.

Or, like so many people are inclined to do, you can wait and wait - until rates go up again and you can start with the "I wish I would have" game.

Call me if you're ready to refinance- 

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For some time now, Knightlines Mortgage Services has been offering the people of Florida a convenient way to finance and re-finance their residential property.

But that isn’t the entire story - we are also doing commercial lending in all 50 states.  AND - now we can offer commercial financing OUTSIDE of the country as well.  Caribbean, South America, etc - just call for the details.