USDA Rural Land Development Loans

You have another choice for financing property in Florida - have you heard of USDA mortgages?

Most people aren't familiar with that program-

We're all bombarded by Freddie, Fanny, FHA, VA, etc - but USDA financing is alive and well and available in a much larger area then you might expect.

Not all of Florida is eligible, but large parts of Charlotte & Lee along with all of Hendry and Collier counties ARE.

Why is this program so attractive?

  • 100% financing is possible
  • No mortgage insurance is required
  • No reserves are needed
  • No minimum credit score is required
  • It's not limited to first-time home buyers
  • There are no restrictions on gift funds
  • AND if the appraisal is higher than the purchase price, the closing costs can be financed.

Now, there are income restrictions and while there are no minimum credit score requirements you still must have good credit - no mortgage lates, etc.

You can go to the Government site to get more information - income levels, availability in your area, program specifics, etc - or you can just contact Knightlines Mortgage Services and we'll be happy to go over the specifics of the program.

Marc J Blasi

For some time now, Knightlines Mortgage Services has been offering the people of Florida a convenient way to finance and re-finance their residential property.

But that isn’t the entire story - we are also doing commercial lending in all 50 states.  AND - now we can offer commercial financing OUTSIDE of the country as well.  Caribbean, South America, etc - just call for the details.