Bonita Springs Home Sales Dec 2019

Bonita Springs FL Real Estate Update Dec 2019 Stats

This is the last update of sales in 2019. December usually wraps up with closings high in foreclosures.  High, being relative to the market. We have few foreclosures in the market but the banks that do have them try to get them off the market by the year’s end. 

Bonita Springs and Estero Florida real estate sales closed at a consistent level.  That dip in sales in 2017 & 2018 is due to an active storm season.  Remember our old friend Irma?  We didn’t have power for a few weeks plus all pending sales usually have to be re-inspected after a storm causing closing delays.

We’re still fairly cash heavy but there is a healthy portion of conventional loans processed.  Remember, conventional doesn’t necessarily mean that the borrower comes up with 20% down. There are a variety of loan programs available that offer far less as a down payment.  We have great resources for mortgage brokers so if you’d like a referral to a local lender just send us a message.

Last, don’t forget that January through Easter is our busy season.  Homes and condos priced well, in good condition are a commodity.  Especially under $500,000.  You might not be the only interested buyer so when you’re ready to buy, be ready!  Also, it takes a little more work to get into occupied properties because owners and even tenants are in town so give several days notice so we can get you on the calendar and we have enough time to obtain showing approval from the occupants.

It’s a beautiful time of the year. If you’re in town and need recommendations for fun things to do be sure to click our tab of Fun Things to Do in SWFL.