Bonita Springs Armadillo Trap

Armadillos Stink, Both Figuratively and Literally

My house seems to attract them.  Actually, my house didn't but my crappy lawn service did.  Since they didn't take care of the insect issues with the grass, the armadillos entered my yard and took advantage of the buffet.  They then decided that my crawlspace and under my porch would be their version of Club Med.  They were nice to rearrange all sorts of things and stink up the place, too.  Armadillos, unbeknown to me, can damage a lot of real estate.  Lawns are dug up, they're like pigs tearing up a yard and they dig holes and such.  Not to mention that smell and whatever they did in that crawl space.

Let's remember, I've gone thru a herd of possums, already.  The ‘dillos don't hiss and scare like possums but they're creepier looking.

My best calculations tell me there are at minimum four of these mini Rhino's.  The head armadillo, Alejandro is smart.  We'd made an attempt to catch them in our Havahart trap and failed.  I want them gone, not dead, so we're being humane about it.  The first round of trapping didn't go well.  We then caught one by accident.  An armadillo accidentally walked into the trap.  He was promptly relocated to east Bonita Springs on the dirt roads.  One down, three to go.

By now it is no secret that I'm not a professional animal trapper.  It should also be known that the animal trapping gods are helping me.  My second armadillo accidentally walked into the trap today.  We took Mariolina to East Bonita Springs again, just east of Bonita Grande Road and gave her a better life.

If you head out that way have a high suspension and four wheel drive. There's tons of water, gators and some great photo shots, of which I have none because I was with a man who wasn't havin' it.  He was helping me relocate animals; it wasn't a flower pickin' trip.

At any rate, I thought I'd let you see Mariolina and her trot down some sandy old lane in Bonita Springs, Florida during the rainy season.   Yes, I released her at the same spot as the other one so they'll find each other.  Hearts and flowers...

I look forward to more hearts and flowers when number three and four hit the happy trails too.

Mariolina begs for release from her captor, Sargeant Tango Delta Niner.

He caves and "conveniently" leaves the door unlocked and becomes "distracted".

She sees the small window of escape and breaks for it.  She pauses long enough for the classic "look back".

She's on the road like a toad.

I'm hearing theme music to Prison Break.

Now we're just out here by ourselves and I think I hear banjo music.

Back to the base to reload.

Bonita Springs Armadillo Trapper