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Foreclosures and Short Sales in Bonita Springs Florida

October in Florida mean return of Bonita Springs real estate snowbird buyers.  Often times the phone call or email that precedes a buyer’s visit questions the availability of foreclosures.  Well, if you’re following Bonita Springs real estate you’ll notice that foreclosures are down and only account for about 8% of our closed sales as of last month. 


Here’s the dirt on foreclosures in Bonita Springs – the closer the home price is to zero dollars, the faster the home will sell, often with multiple offers and above list price.  The better the condition the home, the faster it sells. The cleaner the offer on the home, the faster it sells. Buying Bonita Springs real estate has changed and the snowbirds looking to cherry pick a deal at bargain basement prices just might not like what most real estate agents are going to tell them – “THAT particular deal was available two years ago.”

Listen to your agent, get a preapproval or bring proof of funds, make offers according to market conditions.  Your agent should be able to give you absorption rates and market reports that let you know exactly how to place an offer that will get accepted.  And if they don’t, call me. I’d be happy to help you land a home before the rest of the snow birds get here.


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