Bonita Bubbles Bonita Springs

  Bonita Bubbles Car Wash

The dirtiest car in sunny Bonita Springs usually is registered to me.  I hate washing cars.  The worst thing that happened to me in the last year was when I drove to a puddle of tar.  Apparently, baby oil will melt tar.  At least that is what my son the pavement-ologist says.  He neglected to share that it takes hours to do so, tons of elbow grease and it wrecks your nails.  My hands looked like Shrek's by the time I was done.  At any rate, that oil trick was handy while they widened Tamiami Trail through Bonita Springs.  As luck would have it I ended up needing to have my detailed more than one time because of an "incident" with the contractor that did the work.

The lesson is learned - I am not qualified to wash, clean or detail a car.  I am NOT a specialist.  I have since taken the time to find a specialist.  Bonita Bubbles.  It's a super cool carwash that take about 10 minutes, tops.  Vacuum, interior wipe down, exterior wash and towel dry all for eleven bucks!   You can't beat that with a stick.  I am a better car owner now.  Bonita Bubbles is only a couple of blocks from my office so it's easy to swing in and get the car washed before taking buyers out looking for Bonita Springs real estate. 

Hound Dog, The Prada Purse, leaves nose prints on the passenger window.  Bonita Bubbles even includes nose print removal at no additional charge.  Don't you just love that, dog lovers?

If you live in the area stop in and treat your car to a bath.  If you have friends (psst. or a Realtor) in the area buy a coupon book for them.  It will make a great gift. 

Bonita Bubbles is in front of Pelican Landing about ¼ mile North of Old 41 Road on US 41 - Tamiami Trail on the west side of the highway just across the street from Marble Works.