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Bonita Springs Trollee TrolleyNo matter how you spell it, the Trollee in Bonita Springs is a great resource for visitors and locals alike.  The Lee County transportation department offers this great service to the Bonita Beach, Fort Myers Beach and Estero Island areas.  My family stumbled onto the Bonita Springs Trollee a few years ago while vacationing on Fort Myers Beach.  I cut the kids loose with a roll of quarters and they were set for the week.   The kids and their friends were zipping back and forth from Bonita Springs to Fort Myers Beach and saving parents the hassle of long car rides to the Island.

What’s more is as the kids got older and wanted to meet friends at Bonita Beach, Barefoot Beach or Fort Myers Beach to spend an afternoon, they could just take the Trollee down and back.  It’s super easy and super affordable.

The Trollee travels the distance from the Kmart Plaza called The Centre of Bonita Springs to the north end of Fort Myers Beach  (The Publix Grocery Store is also located in that plaza.)  You’ll find the bus stop – trollee pick up near the Bonita Springs Kmart, sort of behind Dunkin Doughnuts.

There are a variety of stops in many locations in Bonita Springs, plus you can actually flag the Trollee if you need to.  The Trollee is equipped with a bicycle rack, also. So, if you've bitten off more than you can chew with your bike ride, you can hitch a ride back on the Lee Tran Trollee System.  You can't do that in a taxi!  How’s that for being handy?

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