Wireless Amber Alert


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The nation has had another wake up call.  Another college student has gone missing.  This isn't a local girl from FGCU but I'd still like you to read her story and see Leah Hickman's face.  Her mother would like you to take a good long look at her, too.  She'd like to have her home for Christmas.

Southwest Florida hasn't been without incident of missing or exploited children, either.  We've still not found Baby Brian, an infant snatched from his mother's arms in broad daylight.  Statewide, Florida has had 34 youngster reported missing and not found in the last year, alone.

Southwest Florida, Bonita Springs, Estero: Pay attention and do the following: 

  1. If you have any information about Leah or Baby Brian call someone, 911, the local sheriff office or the Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. 
  1. Protect your neighborhood and protect the children in your Bonita Springs neighborhood.  Immediately go to http://www.wirelessamberalerts.org/ and register.  Register your phone to receive text messages reporting future Amber Alerts to your cell phone the moment a child is reported missing.  Time is of the essence in missing children cases.  If you're mostly at a computer you can opt to have email alerts, also.
  1. If you're a business owner make your sure your work force knows about Amber Alerts, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles on the streets.  Every set of eyes counts when every minute counts.
  1. If you manage or if you are an officer of a home owners association make sure the residents know about this important information so they can register for Amber Alerts.

Take advantage of technology and help protect and serve your community.  It's the easiest possible thing you can do.