Bonita Springs Florida Real Estate

Update: Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Springs 2022

Where is the Southwest Florida, particularly the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida real estate market today?  As we break the crest of mid-March we continue to see record low housing inventory and near historic lows in mortgage rates.  The majority of home buyers in SWFL pay cash. A good hand full of home buyers are writing contracts for cash but opt for financing due to the benefit of low interest rates.

For those asking if the current gas prices or the global issues such as the invasion of Ukraine have had an impact on Bonita Springs real estate, the answer is not yet.  We activated a modest home in  a golf community on Friday and it’s had 10 showings on Saturday and 17 showings scheduled so far on Sunday and it’s only 12:35.  I don’t doubt that there are concerns but they just aren’t materializing in to action or objections.

Today as we prepare this report there are only six properties priced under 300K in Bonita Springs.  Some of them have been on the market a spell which may be related to condition or their ability to finance.  I always watch this segment of the real estate market because it reflects entry level price and what it take for the average person to put a roof over their head in Bonita.  $300,000 is a lot of money but when you consider that it doesn’t buy much and is actually a fixer upper it’s startling for buyers coming from out side of the area.  For home sellers it should compel them to realize the importance of absorption rates and what the true worth of their property may be to the right buyer.

So what’s next for SWFL real estate?  For those of you who are waiting to buy a condo or home in Bonita Springs/Estero I am going to share that since I moved here in the mid 1980’s the real estate market always had an off-season … until last year.  We aren’t getting an off-season this year, either. Bonita Springs and Estero inventory is more like weeks instead of months.   Consider that six months is a balanced market. Don’t hold your breath, folks. We are gobs of inventory away from just being balanced, let alone prices ever going down.  I do, however, predict a surplus of RV’s and possibly boats hitting the market.  Marine fuel is at $6.60 per gallon and RV’s are from $4.50 depending upon the type of fuel.

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Here are the latest stats and graphs for home sales in Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida:Bonita Springs market report