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Bonita Springs Real Estate Inventory | Estero Real Estate Inventory

Every few weeks a real estate consumer calls me regarding an article in a newspaper or magazine cackling about the fire sale on Florida real estate and how we’re all slowly sliding into the abyss down here.  First, I don’t know where they get their real estate statistics because they’re, uh, wrong just about every time.  Second, I build you market reports with fresh out-of-the-oven real real estate sales statistics so you can make an informed, factual decision for yourself.

So, if you’re wondering what the heck is *really* going on with Bonita Springs real estate or Estero Florida real estate, I’ll give you the run down on the current inventory (absorption rate) and a few links to some pretty graphs I build to help you understand what is going on with the Bonita Springs real estate market.  Without further delay …

  • Single Family Homes (and Villas): 10.8 Months of Real Estate Inventory
  • Low Rise Condos: 10.2 Months of Real Estate Inventory
  • Mid Rise Condos:  10 Months of Real Estate Inventory
  • High Rise and Tower Condos:  20.7 Months of Real Estate Inventory
  • Attached Villa Homes:  9.2 Months of Real Estate Inventory
  • Manufactured Homes:  16.2 Months of Real Estate Inventory

Doesn’t look like there is much of a fire sale on Bonita Springs real estate.  That was back in ‘09.  If you look at the historical “November sales” graph, you’ll see what I mean.  The link is below along with a few other real estate market statistics graphs:


All information is deem accurate, not guaranteed and subject to change.  Check the date on this report for freshness.  If you have questions regarding your particular neighborhood, your street or your home specifically you’re welcome to contact us for a current market report. Real estate consumers that read this website are urged to seek independent, professional legal, real estate and financial advice before engaging in any transaction. All information is deemed, accurate, subject to change and not guaranteed.