Buoy Mailbox

Where Mailboxes Place Mark Real Estate

Hickory Boulevard is the main connector of Bonita Springs to Fort Myers Beach.  Whether you’re just taking a trip to the beach or a trip up the beach to get to Ft. Myers you have to travel that road.

The traffic doesn’t move too very fast but there is a fair amount of traffic.  There are also several locations where there are public beach accesses with free beach parking so it’s a little difficult to watch the road and find the home or vacation rental that one is looking for.

Residents have taken liberty with installing interesting mailboxes as a means for visitors or maybe even themselves to more easily find their homes.  The beach has just about every fish, dolphin and manatee mailbox known to man.  There is even a red kayak mailbox made of a real kayak.

The buoy mailbox is a collection of buoys that must have washed ashore on the bay side and it looks like they just keep adding to the attraction.  If you ask me, this mailbox looks like it’s in distress and struggling under the weight at this point.  It certainly is one of a kind on Hickory Boulevard.