Bonita Bay Walking Trail

Miles of Walking Paths at Bonita Bay

Woven through the community of Bonita Bay in Bonita Springs, Florida  is an extensive walking path trail system. If you’re a pleasure runner, walker, bike rider or enjoy rollerblading, the wide trails at Bonita Bay have room for everyone.

The walking trails run through wooded areas, mangrove estuaries, along the Imperial River, Sabal palm stands, along formal gardens and manicured golf greens.  There are about twelve miles of walking trails in Bonita Bay.  The trails are broken up into colored sections and measured for creating specific workout distances and training routines.

There's also a 12-station fitness trail in Riverwalk Park located along the Imperial River in Bonita Bay. In addition the walking paths are sprinkled with sitting areas, picnic tables and even wildlife look out stations over nature preserves.

Bonita Bay is a gated community located in Bonita Springs, Florida and one of only a few communities which offers scenic running and walking trails for its residents.  Bonita Bay offers  real estate from modest, entry level prices condominiums up to luxury homes priced in the multi-millions.