Bonita Bay Marina

The Community of Bonita Bay & It’s Amenities

For the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying the running paths of Bonita Bay and nearly every I’m am there I can’t resist a picture with my phone.  If you’re wondering why I have my phone with me, it’s because it has GPS.

I’ve twice needed to use the GPS in Bonita Bay because I didn’t know where I was.  Once, it was dark and I couldn’t even tell which way north was.  I run in the morning before the sun comes up and those running trails get confusing.  The other time. I walked a golf course cart path and didn’t know where I was. I knew I was south of Bonita Bay Boulevard but I didn’t know which was was out to the main part of Bonita Bay.  Have your laugh, I did.

I’ve decided to start sharing photos in an online album and will continue to add to the album on future visits to the community.  Enjoy the pictures of Bonita Bay in the album below.  I certainly enjoyed taking them.