HOme Land Security

Gulf Access Never Looked So Good

This boat was heading down the road and I just had to take a picture. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen four 225’s on a boat and thought, wow, this guy is a total bad ass.  Four engines on the back of a boat is like rolling on 22 inch rims with spinners!  That boat is fierce, the truck toting it is fierce.  It was a sweet set. 

Sometimes I’m just such a girl. A dorky girl that just doesn’t get it.  I mean, what man would own a boat like that?  Only, one: Uncle Sam.

Home land securityYeah, right about here is where I realized I was photo documenting a marine vessel owned by the US Department of Homeland Security and I was probably already in a database watch list.  Way to go, princess.  I guess you just may as well document the tow truck, too.

Home land security I’m just a quiet little real estate agent and I mean no harm to national security.  You see, I just got this new bad ass camera and I am having a hard time controlling myself.  So, if you could just look beyond this little incident I promise to not share the photos with anyone.  Oh, and is there any chance you’ll take me for a ride on that bad boy?

(Please don’t let them water board me.)