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My husband Jon owns a Harley Street Glide Motorcycle. He is always begging me to go for a longer ride then around Bonita Springs. This last weekend, I went for a longer ride with him. We took all the local back roads to North Fort Myers and drove around looking at the scenery. It was so pretty to be out on the open road looking at new surroundings.  While North Fort Myers isn’t very far the land, trees and atmosphere is a little bit different.  The Caloosahatchee River is the subtropical climate line so there are different trees and even butterflies north of the line.

When we took a break we had lunch at a place called Boat House Tiki Bar & Grill. This restaurant is located by the Lee Civic Center (where the Lee County Fair is held). They have a Tiki Bar, Beach Area, and Pool. You can enjoy the game on the big screen TV over the bar, sit by the pool with a drink in your hand or even enjoy looking at the Caloosahatchee River in their “beach area”.

They have daily and nighty live music for entertainment along with corn hole to play. Their menu has a little bit of everything for everyone. I had a cheese burger with fries, and it was a really good burger!

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About the author: Angela Griffith is a resident of Heitmans Bonita Springs where she lives with her husband Jon, son Aiden and daughter Madison.