On The Waterfront on Hickory Island

Where else in Bonita Springs can you sit in the shade with a view like this?  The answer is, you really can’t.  Although there are a few waterfront restaurants in Bonita Springs and on Bonita Beach this is the spot with the best water view and the best dining experience.

Big Hickory is an all in on restaurant, marina, boat rental, charter fishing, bait and tackle store.  It’s located on Hickory Island toward the north end, just before you hit the bridge to Fort Myers Beach.

Big Hickory Grille is a local favorite dining spot and is accessible by both car and boat.  You’ll find the best and most fresh seafood prepared perfectly.  Seriously, it’s done just right every time.

Besides the view there is free entertainment by way of marina.  You know that any time you spend around a marina is fun to watch.  The fishing, the birds, the combination of first time boaters trying to navigate currents and the mishaps that occur anytime water, docks and gravity is involved.

If you’d like to learn more about Big Hickory Grille and the marina services they offer visit their website at:


The map below shows right where Big Hickory is located:


Map picture