Loyal Real Estate Clients

Real Estate Agents - Love The One You're With

Well, you may have heard me talk about loyalty every now and then … here we go again. I am loyal to my real estate clients, my vendors such as repairmen and inspectors and even other real estate agents.  I know it’s not a two way street but I do the right thing, anyway. I’ve lived in Bonita Springs for about thirty-five years and been a real estate agent for twenty years. I know that I have to practice good business to thrive and have a long career.

I recently had a buyer inquiry on my website asking for help right away. They needed to buy a  home because their home was under contract and they needed to move quickly.  They were thinking of buying in Audubon.  They homes for sale in Audubon are rather high dollar homes so it would be tempting for most real estate agents to throw the buyer in a car and get them to write up a sale. 

My first thought, however, was that he needed to call his current agent. I don’t want to interfere in a real estate client/agent relationship.  The optics on that are really bad even if there was an issue with his current agent.  Plus, if you’re not loyal to one agent why would you be loyal to the next?

Giving him the benefit of the doubt I returned a call to him explaining the position and that he should be loyal to his agent. I think it fell on deaf ears. He sort of wished me well and probably moved on to the next agent that agrees to get in the middle.

It’s so very important to carefully select a real estate agent you enjoy and get along with and maintain that loyalty. Adding other personalities into the mix of a real estate transaction is just going to cause issues down the road. 

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