Barnyard Goat Yoga Lehigh Acres

Barnyard Goat Yoga Lehigh Acres | 265/365 Things to Do

Barnyard Yoga is just that. Located on a quaint, yet easily accessible, farm in Lehigh Acres, this unique venue offers a fun, exciting, and therapeutic experience for children and adults of all skill levels without the added pressure of maintained silence or perfection. The course is primarily beginner in nature, yet the true value remains within the furry guests who are present for the hour and a half session. Your time is sure to bring laughs throughout while the instructor leads the class in an understandable and educational way.  I brought my own yoga mat, as do most, yet additional mats are made available if you prefer to not use your own or the occasional "accident" happens. Disclaimer: No accidents occurred during this writer's session.

The course was held within a barn, which allowed for continuation despite a light drizzle.  This also provides for shade and cooler temperatures, in addition to a light breeze.  This pictures from this particular session were taken during summer months with the climate quite manageable. If you arrive on time, this allows for playtime and pictures with the goats, within the barn, before the class begins.

The session was well stacked with baby goats and chickens, though there are also horses, pigs, and cats outside of the barn as well.  The goats proved to be highly social, particularly as goat feed is provided during the session.  You are also welcome to bring apples or carrots. They are quick to cozy up with you on your yoga mat, fall asleep beneath your pose, or hitch a quick ride on your back.

The therapeutic power of animals proves to be true particularly true in this class and it's just an added bonus that the session costs $20 and is typically held on Sundays. If you are looking for fun things to do consider barnyard yoga.  Reservations are necessary and contact information, location, and additional details can be located at  The exact location is 1810 Desoto Avenue in Lehigh Acres, FL 33972, just east of Fort Myers and courses can be conveniently scheduled using the website.  Baaaa-maste!


About the Author - Jennafer Rodricks is a life long Bonita Springs resident and lives in the historic downtown Bonita Springs area with her husband, child and her rescue Weimador, Blue.