Barefoot Beach Bonita Beach 

This mailbox is in the community of Barefoot Beach.  You’ll pass it on your way back to Barefoot Beach Preserve, the park at the end of The Community of Barefoot Beach.  I’ve passed it a couple of thousand times and never taken a picture of it until just a short time ago.

Barefoot Beach is one of my favorite Beaches.  If I had to pick, Barefoot Beach would be my first favorite and beach access 7-9 on Bonita Beach on Hickory Blvd. would be my next favorite.  Parking is free, but limited, on the beach accesses. 

If you come to the area be sure to take advantage of our great beaches, especially at sunset.  We’ve had some doozies lately.  You just don’t see the sun set anywhere like that except over the Gulf of Mexico in Bonita Springs, Florida.