Baby Bonitian Passaflora

    It’s Not Always About Real Estate   

We’ve had one of the weirdest winters ever.  I’ve lived in Bonita Springs, Florida about twenty-five years and have never experienced such cold weather.  I’ve never covered plants so many times at night.  It was work keeping just *some* of our yard alive.

The passaflora on the mailbox has been a work in progress. It received the most assistance this winter.  I fell in love with the blossoms the first time I saw in growing in King and Queens Kew by Bonita Beach. 

I was able to locate this specific variety at Driftwood Garden Center in Estero, Florida.  There is a pretty good chance that they didn’t want me to buy it.  It had seen better days.  When I brought it home and asked for help planting it I heard, “You want me to plant a dead bush?”

The short of this long, non real estate related, story is that the plant lived, actually flourished and produced a single passion fruit.  A few weeks ago I noticed another passion fruit.  Yesterday I noticed another.  Today, while trying to photograph butterflies I noticed more. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of them all over it.

I’m an accidental passion fruit farmer!  If you’d like one of these beautiful flowering bushes just call me.  Seriously, I’m giving away freebees.  There are seedlings popping up all over the place.  Right now, lawn service is on Friday so Thursday is the best pick up day.  Come start your passion fruit farm. :)

Purple Passaflora