Today, I was snooping around on and stumbled across this fantastic image. Jeff Turner, queso grande at Real Estate Shows, Inc., captured it to share with the world. Jeff takes some pretty awesome pictures. Many of which end up being my desk top image of the week. If I have to stare at the screen *that many* hours of the day, it should at least look pretty. No? Anyway, I thought this picture was so pretty I decided to share it with you. I've not seen a peacock, ever, in Southwest Florida. If you're a Bonitian and can tell me where one is located I'd love to see it. Is it too hot for them to live here?

I recall seeing one when I was a young'n in Northern Ohio but that is the extent of my experience with this remarkable bird. Full size image here

Oh, and for you REALTOR types, Jeff Turner's Real Estate Shows are internet commercials you make with your own digital photos. Learn more by clicking: Real Estate Shows I heard their customer service is *FaNtAsTic*, too!