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Appliance Repair or Just a Second Opinion of Condition

The major appliances are always on the list of the items that get checked during the home inspection process.  Whether the purchase of real estate is as-is or not, the home inspector will check everything, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. 

At a recent home inspection, where I was the listing agent the home inspector found moisture in the water collection tray of the fridge and remarked that the water line was leaking and needed repaired.  The reality of the situation was that condensation was forming on the little ice flapper thingy and would run down to the tray. The water line itself had no leak at all.

The home buyers were adamant that the fridge needed a repair and were refusing to close unless it was fixed.  I called the Appliance Doctor who was able to come out right away (the day of closing) and make the repair.  It turns out that even though the technician from Appliance Doctor was prepared for a repair and brought the necessary parts on the first visit, there wasn’t a repair to be made.  He determined that it was really only condensation forming.

As explained to me by the Appliance Doctor technician, this particular model “does this” and if we had googled it we would have found scads of consumer complaints on forums regarding the issue.

Now, even though the Appliance Doctor knew that this was a common occurrence for this model, he disassembled the entire ice maker mechanism, cleaned it,  and reassembled it for a test, just to make sure. 

Appliance Condensation Ice MakerThere are a couple of lessons to be learned by this little ice maker flapper thingy:  Sometimes, home sellers need to pay for a second opinion instead of a repair in order to get a property closed … even when they know they’re right. 

It’s about winning the war, not the battle, home owners … getting the real estate closed.  Second, there are really affordable, smart appliance people who will take emergency calls for silly things like sweaty ice flapper thingies and not charge an arm and a leg.

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