The Purple Hibiscus

Fresh Flowers Every Morning inBonita Springs

My neighbors probably think I’m crazy crawling around in their flower bed, in a cheetah print bath robe, at seven in the morning trying to capture their hibiscus waking up. It’s not the average pink or classic yellow. It’s a very dark lavender color and it is one of the most unusual in the area so it was worth the prowl.

Almost every yard in the Bonita Springs area has hibiscus.  It just does.  The plants flower nearly all year long and you can pick a blossom that fits your personality; any color, any size and pedal shape.

I’ve heard that there here is a hibiscus club orhibiscus societyin Bonita Springs, but I don’t know much about it.  Maybe someone will drop by this post and let us know the name of this little darling.

Enjoy a few other hibiscus flowers from the Bonita Springs and Estero area in this slide show: