Back in the Day at Bonita Beach

Long, long ago on a beach far away....not really I think I took this picture September '07.  I took this picture on Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida.   Lately, I've been cleaning out my new laptop of all  sorts of propaganda, "save till I read later" junk and the countless, countless countless images I have stored.  So the version of the image was found and I put it up on a website called Flickr. It is a slightly different version of the original that was quietly popular.  One of my buddies commented on the new version.

In my secret nerdy world (no disrespect to my fellow nerds *wink*!) on the internet there are photo files, some of which others can see and enjoy.  This photo was always enjoyed and commented upon.  It was odd that one day that someone saw an angel in the clouds and emailed me to tell me so.  Several emails have come in plus individual comments on the photo about the angel.  Do you see the angel?

Sadly, when I was shooting the picture I was too consumed in my everyday life, taking photos, probably batting off mosquitoes or telling @AlGorithm to wait a minute that I missed it.  It's not all for loss.  I'm getting better at smelling roses and sunsets as a direct result.

Enjoy your angel drizzled sunset.  It's not just for nerds.  <smile>