Sunset at Bonita Beach

Locals or Tourists at Bonita Beach?

Shamefully, I’ll admit I don’t get to the beach as much as I should. Since I live here I take Bonita Beach for granted and go once in a while or when I have visitors.  This week I had visitors.  I showed them the best sushi dinner in town and then took them to the beach to catch the fragment of light remaining.  We had missed the sunset.

There were a couple of folks out at the beach enjoying the perfect weather.  The rain didn’t come on this day.  Later in the evening we had our thunder and lightening but no rain. 

Florida has a way a making weather that keeps the mortals in check.  The guests jumped and shrieked at the first crack and boom.  The rest of us didn’t hear it because we’re use to it.  It’s just a little racquet. 

I guess we’re just taking the sounds and the beach for granted.