corrosion air handler

Chinese Drywall Checklist

I received the contents of this post in an email and thought the signs of Chinese Drywall was so well documented that it was worth sharing on the blog.  The photo examples are superb.  If you suspect your home has Chinese drywall you may find a few ways to self test the home before calling an expert.    Of course, the author of this content is an expert and you should probably call him.  Russell Hensel has 25 years of home inspection experience.  Phone:  239-481-3977

Does the residence have a sulfur or rotten eggs smell?  Do not get this confused with a water heater that has been sitting for a while, it gives off the same odor.  Be careful.  Look for more that just one of the signs.

Have any of your electrical appliances failed to operate or have they needed regular repair or replacement before they typical life expectancy?

Check wall mounted mirrors for blackening or lack of luster.

Black mirror

Inspect metal surfaces on plumbing fixtures for staining/and or pitting.

pitted metal

Pitted metal

With electrical covers off at the outlet and the cover removed from the circuit breaker box look for the ground wire (copper wire) for blackening and corrosion.

Wire Corrosion

Inspect air conditioning coils for blackening and corrosion.  This calls for the removal of one of the Air Handlers access panels.

corrosion air handler

If possible look a the back of the drywall on the wall which can be sometimes seen at access panels or underneath stairs.

made in China

Inspect Jewelry/metal objects - has any of your silver tarnished more rapidly than normal?  has gold become speckled or tarnished?

Tarnished Jewelry

The copper lines at the refrigerator turn black and corrode.

Corroded copper

Please do not inspect anything you are unsure about.  Electrical wiring is dangerous and can lead to injury or death.  Have professionals perform the services you are not familiar with.

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