Bonita Springs in May

Not Every Day is Sunny In Bonita Springs

Even Mini-Me said, “Isn’t this the strangest day in May, it’s so gray”. We do get those gray days here every once in a while. I came back with, “Funny you should mention that, I took a picture of a Poinciana tree and the sky was so gray, that I thought what a bummer, hope the blue shows up in the photo”.

Poinciana Tree

This gray afternoon, I had a pit stop in Olde Bonita. I had to do a walk through to prepare a comparative market analysis for a Bonita Springs home. While I as on that side of town and just for giggles I called “The Boy” to find out where Farmer Mike’s was while I was in the metro area. That is a joke, there is no metro area to Bonita Springs and Farmer Mike’s is a rural fruit stand that I have *still* never visited. [If anyone knows Farmer Mike, I’d love a tour of the pepper fields] After I spoke with “The Boy” we determined that all I was in search of was a fresh tomato and the closest spot to get a field fresh tomato was at the Bonita Springs Lions Club.

The Bonita Springs Lion’s Club is only a block or two west off Old 41 on Pennsylvania Avenue. I jog by it all the time without regard to the great things they do for residents of Bonita Springs, Florida. There is a thrift store onsite plus the produce stand. Today, I swooped in and grabbed a box of ‘maters, some of those little bananas (we have mini bananas the size of a Ho Ho here), bargained for a single jalapeno, which they want to sell in king size strawberry boxes, snapped a photo and went home to work.

Maybe somewhere in that building is the wheel chair the Lions Club organization loaned to my parents this year. Yep, a handy dandy chair with wheels just for the asking. The Lion’s care. If you want to know more about Lions in Bonita Springs or the helping hand they offer to you, me or anyone that needs a service their local chapter offers.

Stop in the store to get a previously loved blender, special services help or buy ‘maters in the parking lot. You can’t beat the services or the produce stand the Lion’s offer with a stick.