Randys Fish Market Naples Florida

OK, No Dollar Was Involved, But I Do Go To Randys Fish Market

Today I was driving down West Terry Street in Bonita Springs and passed Baby A in traffic.  I buzzed him on the phone and he was actually on his way to see me.  [heart swell]  I invited him for lunch at Randy's Fish Market in Naples Park.  Naples Park is only about a 10 minute drive south from Bonita Springs.  I eat out in a small radius around my house which is by The Promenade, so I decided to branch out now and then.  AND I love to support the LOCAL mom and pop establishments, don't you?   Keep our LOCAL economy rolling...and I'm off the soap box.

Doing anything with that boy is not without fanfare.  He drives a rolling dog house.  (He needs an hour meter on the truck, not an odometer.)  The truck is left running all over town because Lilly Mae Griffith, my Grand Dog, is on board.  Lilly Mae waited outside for us and Randy's.

Anywho, Baby A stopped to have lunch with me and just sat with me.  He wasn't hungry so he just got a PepsiCoke.  I, on the other hand, was hungry enough to eat my shoes and grabbed a fried shrimp dinner with fries and slaw after I had the lobster dip appetizer.  Randy's does shrimp right.  If you want good eats and fresh fish, Randy's is the place. 

  • Dine in
  • Take out
  • Fresh fish market to go, too

The atmosphere is fun, casual and relaxed at Randy's Fish Market Restaurant, by the way.  No pretense - dash in after church when you're dressed or after shoppin' in shorts.  My favorite part about Randy's is the rafters.  The bare trusses show and a flock of Flamingos has landed and nested.  Where else are you going to see something like that?  Only at Randy's Fish Market in Naples [Naples Park] Florida.

Randy's Fishmarket Website

To get a map to Randy's Fish Market: Go Here for directions.  Randy's is located on US 41 / Tamiami Trail just south of Immokalee Road (by the Home Expo).  Right across from Pelican March, hang a right on 104th!

How about a round of applause for Al Gorithm who instinctively snapped that menu up to cover his face when the camera came out.