Keep Quiet, Keep to Yourself, Keep Out During Showings

Shut The Hell Up!

Selling your Bonita Springs home is a business or at least you should approach it that way. The goods and services you offer to buyers, as a Florida home owner is the home itself, your neighborhood amenities and any incentives you would offer to a buyer to entice them in to purchasing your real estate.

Most Sellers start off on a level playing field. Assuming the proper care has been taken to prepare the home and price it for the buyers market that is visiting Bonita Springs, everyone has a the ability to sell their home in a reasonable amount of time for a fair market price.

There are always a few factors that can go wrong to sway a buyer away from a property. Last week, while I was driving in Vanderbilt Lakes I noticed a home for sale. Beside the real estate sign there was a political sign. My first impulse was to wonder if it would affect a buyer or influence their decision to see the home or even purchase it just based on their political opinion.

Today, I was showing property in a lovely Bonita Springs golf community. The home owner was there when we arrived. He never left and neither did his cigarette smoke. He actually never got much further than 18 inches from the buyer. He also shared that he worries that water can seep through concrete slab that the home is built on. (Buyers love water issues, it’s their favorite) Next, he shared with us that the neighbor on “that side” is the big trouble maker in the neighborhood. The woman that lives in that house is a former rutabaga farmer who is retired, beats her husband and strips at neighborhood parties. Yes, I was looking for the hidden camera at this point. It get’s worse. It wasn’t until after we left, that the buyer said that the seller shared some unbelievably serious health issues and the fact that he had to sell. Thanks for the tip.

So this lovely home started out fairly priced, freshly painted, ready for a sale and a ready, willing and able, approved buyer walked into it. From that point forward it gets ugly. The seller is surrendering stories that may or may not be simply neighborhood gossip which can affect whether the buyer even wants to live there at this point and then offers that he is under duress due to illness and forced to sell. Maybe the seller doesn’t listen to his agent. I have no doubt that she has asked him to leave when others are looking at the home. Some people just can’t help themselves…and it costs them big time. Who knows, this house might have been sold months ago if the seller wasn’t a deal killer.

Sellers: A buyer can’t imagine themselves living in your space if you’re still standing in it. GET OUT, SUSH UP, and just don’t ever talk to the buyer. Listen to me, it’s for your own good.