Bonita Feng Shui Springs

If you need to prepare your Bonita Springs Home for sale use these useful tips to tidy up while using Feng Shui. Bonita Springs Feng Shui experts recommend following these guidelines:

1. Bedroom stimuli. Placing too many stimulating items in the bedroom, such as electronics and books keeps your bedroom from being a restful location.

2. Out of sight, out of mind. Believing things which are out of sight don't affect the Feng Shui of the home. Deep down you know there's a drawer, closet, attic or garage full of things that needs to be sorted, thrown away, given away or purged. Over time these ‘hidden' things subtly drain energy from you.

3. Back to the door. Sitting with your back to the door when at a desk diminishes your focus and energy for the task at hand.

4. Storing and saving everything. Saving cases and boxes for later use is a rare occurrence. This thinking reinforces a fear of not having what you need, or not being able to get what you need.

5. Garage entry. Using the main entry door celebrates your humanness and is more visually appealing than a garage entry. The garage is designed for machine entry.

6. Limited vision. Have you become blind to your home and what is in it? Take pictures of the outside and the inside of each room. Capture every detail and then look at the pictures. You will see your home with new eyes.

7. Ambivalent imagery. Not being conscious of the influence of the images (artwork, tapestries, pictures) you see daily in your beautiful, Bonita Springs home. It is good Feng Shui to have images which make you feel good. Bring in local photo prints of the Bonita Springs scenery to reflect the coastal life you enjoy. Take in a festival and pick up art from a local Bonita Springs Art show.

8. Clinging to the broken. Hanging on to broken items which never seem to get fixed is a big no-no. This subconsciously makes you feel ineffectual or anxious about not having enough time or know-how to get things fixed. Fix things, dispose off them or pass them to someone who will rehabilitate them. Plus, replacing a damaged piece of furniture with something from the Design Center will give you a pick me up.

9. Clinging to the negative. Hanging on to items that have bad memories associated with them keeps those memories alive. Release the items and release the memories. Allow someone to make new pleasant memories with your bad memory stimuli. There are dozens of charitable organizations in Bonita Springs that will gladly accept your donations.

10. Stale air. You live in Bonita Springs so listen to the surf, wind and nature. Forgetting to air out the home with outside air from time to time keeps stale energy inside the home. Airing out the home at least once a month not only replaces stale energy; it connects you with the out of doors and nature.

Feng Shui is a great tool to use before staging your Bonita Springs home. It affords you the opportunity to de-clutter, organize and purge your home of unnecessary junk.

Once you've wrapped up the interior, don't forget to take a look at the outside of the home to make improvements, too.

Contact Chris today if you would like assistance with finding a qualified home stager or Feng Shui expert than can help turn your house into a sanctuary.