9 thai sushi ginger salad

9 Thai Sushi in Bonita, Springs, Florida 43/365

Whether you love sushi or not I am going to let you in on one of the best kept secrets in Bonita springs, Florida … 9 Thai Sushi for lunch. Hands down it is both the freshest and the fastest lunch you can have in Bonita Springs.  The salads are so fresh you can see the moisture where the cucumber and carrots have just been sliced freshly on top. 

9 thai sushi rollThe sushi is remarkable and always a winner. There are a variety of veggie sushi dishes for those who do not eat seafood.  My go to lunch is the ginger salad and an avocado roll.  Fresh, delish and I’m in and out for lunch in under thirty minutes. Most importantly the calories are controlled and the meal is one of the healthiest alternatives in town.

Besides sushi there are many Thai dishes available for just about every palate. The helpful owner will guide even the pickiest eater to the perfect dish. We know because we have a few picky eaters in our family and we have taken them there and they’ve been pleased with their meal.

9 Thai Sushi is located on US 41 in Bonita Springs right across from Bonita Bay’s north gate entrance.  Turn east at that traffic light.