6 Tips to Sell Tenant Occupied Homes in Bonita Springs

Tenant Occupied Bonita SpringsGetting your tenant on board with your plans to sell your Bonita Springs home and keeping them cooperative through the process of home selling is the name of the game.  It’s a delicate balance of gaining/maintaining trust during the showing and home selling process and it can go smoothly if everyone openly communicates and knows what to expect from the listing agent and the other agents showing the home.  Here are a few tips for home sellers to consider if they find a need to sell their Bonita Springs home with a tenant living in it.

1.  Offer to form a connection with the next potential owner of the home so that the tenant can stay in the home, if the next owner will be renting. Finding a great tenant for your Bonita Springs home is a gift so if you have a great tenant, share the love.

2. Work out a time frame with the tenant so that everyone is on the same page. This allows the tenant, you and the potential home buyers understand that, for example, the tenant will be given the courtesy of thirty days or sixty days to find a new residence should a contract be executed.  The tenants will be more cooperative if they are able to make plans and not have the mystery of the unknown upset them.  While you’re working out times also promise that all showings will have either 24 or 48 hours advanced notice so they will have time to prepare.  This will also help weed out tire kickers.

3. If you do lease or renew a lease, whether it is seasonal or annual, lease with the expectation that you will be selling the home or condo.  You may even renegotiate a lease to a month to month lease so that both the home owner and the buyer have options to depart the agreement on good terms with thirty days notice.

4. Pick a few days/times that are convenient for the tenant to have the home shown.  Work around their schedule.  They may have regular appointments or life events to work around.  Every Tuesday evening they have a date with a personal trainer at the local gym or every Sunday they may be at church followed by breakfast from 9 a.m. to 12:30.  Load up the showings on those specific days when it will cost them the least disruptions.

5. Give the tenant control or the allusion of control by giving them the lockbox to hold.  A great Bonita Springs listing agent can say, Ms. Tenant, I will give you the blue supra lockbox to hold.  I will approve all showings for you and once they are approved you can set the box out of the day of showings.  Most of the time the tenants I have been working with leave the box out on porch because they understand the system and have trust in the listing agent.

6. Pay them for their time and tidying up either by discounting rent or offering a gift card, for example $25 per showing, to incentivize them to not only cooperate but to tidy up a bit for all of the showings.

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