Market Bonita Springs Homes Covid-19

5 Tips for Selling Bonita Springs Homes During Covid 19 Social Distancing

Let me first say that if your Bonita Springs home is for sale or you are in the process of hiring a Bonita Springs listing agent you must demand, at minimum, these best practices to protect yourself, your family and your home during social distancing due to Covid-19 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

1. Price and re-strategize your marketing of your Bonita Springs home.

2. Shuffle your photos – go pro and hold your agent’s feet to the fire.  Again, every real estate agent should have been using professional photography. This is your chance to go online and look at what your listing agent or future listing agent is doing to market real estate with great photos. If you see cell phone photos or no photos this is not in your best interest!  If you’ve selected a discount broker you need to pay the freight to get those photos.

3. Visual tour, a walk through video and not a photo slide show. Besides giving home buyers the ability to tour your home without exposing your family to any outside elements it can actually make the home rank higher in searches on some of the big syndication real estate websites. More photos, more videos equals more views. End. Of. Story.

4. Supplements in the MLS. Your Bonita Springs agent would be hard pressed to exhaust the space provided to host these valuable additional documents. Here is an example of items that can be provided to hel-p filter buyers entering your home - floor plan, community site plan/plan, memberships golf/beach,  seller;s disclosures, HOA disclosures, property feature/upgrades lists, scanned golf score card, reciprocal memberships list and on and on.

5. Provide a way for home buyers to not bring unwanted germs into the home. Provide booties or ask for shoes to come off but be sure to provide a chair so that the visitors can get their shoes on and off without getting hurt in a fall. Provide Purell at the door and/or post directions to the closest bathroom so they can wash hands upon entry. Keep the lights on and doors unlocked or directions on doors pointing buyers to use only one particular door so you can reduce use and contact on multiple surfaces. Other helpful ideas would be for your listing agent to provide directions in the showing instructions of where to park additional cars as the real estate agents will be driving separately to property viewings.

Watch the video with these tips:

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