Bonita Springs HomeIncrease the chance of selling your Bonita Springs house faster following a few good guidelines.

5 Tips For Seller's In A Buyers Market

1. Plan your work and work your plan.

Be prepared to sell your home and price it accordingly. Not the price the neighbor got for theirs last year, not the price you wish you get, but the price that you should get now.

2. Check Out The Competition in and around Bonita Springs.

Get out there and see what your competition looks like, how the competition is priced and the amenities that are offered with the competing homes. Approach the home search from a buyer's perspective.

3. Make It Picture Perfect.

Make the home 100% perfect. Clean every square inch, repair anything that is broken, replace anything that is worn or showing age.

4. Sweeten The Deal.

Offering incentives to Bonita Springs home buyers isn't something new. Besides a low price, great incentives for buyers include paying discount points to lower the mortgage rate, paying closing costs, offering a home warranty or providing flexibility about the move-in date.

5. Be Realistic.

Buyers have access to the Internet and can find their own information about comparable homes currently available and comparable closed sale prices. Home valuation websites and county tax sites are easy to use and provide accurate comparable sales information. Don't expect to charm buyers into paying more for a home than it's worth. They can't be fooled. Plus, the bank will be appraising the home to verify it's value.

Chris Griffith is a Certified Residential Specialist - Realtor in Bonita Springs, Florida.