Buffalo Chips Musicians

Off The Beaten Path in Bonita Springs

  1. Definitely stop and eat at Buffalo Chips ~ Bonita Springs’ favorite upscale dive offers the hottest wings and the coldest beer in town … and a little local culture.
  2. Taste of Bonita – 3rd weekend of November every year.  Taste of Bonita is the biggest Florida food festival in the tiniest little park.
  3. Dog beach … where else but in Bonita Springs Florida is there a beach just for dogs? It’s one of a few pet friendly parks in the area. Bonitians love their dogs!
  4. The Great Calusa Blueway  runs through Estero Bay and up the scenic Imperial River.
  5. Mound Key, anyone? The spiny orb weavers and goats out there should make anyone want to go!
  6. Swamp Buggy Ride? There are folks with kin ‘round here with swamp buggies, ask around and get up close to nature.
  7. Shangri La Hotel is a historical landmark drive by the front or paddle around the back of it on Oak Creek.
  8. Everglades Wonder Gardens – No brainer It’s a zoological park straight out of old Florida.
  9. Christian Busk’s restored historic houses on Pennsylvania.  Take a look at history and appreciate the hard work and labor of love that went into saving these Southwest Florida homes from the wrecking ball.
  10. The Blue Grass musicians at Flamingo Island (in season) Blow-your-doors-off, walk up, playing/singing musicians who just want to jam. A few famous musicians have quietly stepped on stage a few times.
  11. Did you know we have an annual Harp and Harpist Convention here?
  12. We also have Art Festivals in the winter season … a couple of them. Plan your travel to catch one!

Have an idea for other fun things to do in Bonita Springs? Email it or leave it in the comments below.