Today I stopped by Dolly's for lunch and then stopped into Lumberjack's to see how things are going since he moved it.  He's a first time home buyer that has taken a few hits to the chin.  First, he found out he had termites about three weeks after the termite inspector didn't find them and today when I stopped in all of the doors and windows were open.

What gives with the doors and windows pal?  Air conditioner crapped out.  There's a whole in the ceiling where water over flowed and it just quit working.  He's got a new one on order but it will be Monday or Tuesday before he'll be living in human conditions again.  It's still too hot this time of the year to not have A/C, in my humble opinion.  It just started raining, it has to be horrible to live there at this point.

I took a tour of the house, after getting attacked by a friendly black lab cross that thinks it's a lap dog.  I laughed so hard at some of the things I found.  Mind you, two single men are room mates in this home.  First, I noticed this, a transmission rebuild kit on the kitchen counter.  (That's where I keep mine.)

A tour of the bathroom revealed a tragic event that occurred when the dog decided it was on the wrong side of a closed door.  I didn't bother taking a picture of that because I was distracted by the broken shower curtain rod that is functioning by balancing on a window frame.  Lumberjack would like to point out that the seat is at least down.

Welding helmets on top of the fridge.  Anyone can put a cookie jar up there.  It takes "outside of the box" thinking to put a welding helmet up there, classically posed beside the "designated drunk traffic cone hat".

Required decor for any single man's home. It makes different tractor noises on each one.  Seriously.

I call this "Refrigerator Irony".  A column I wrote in the Naples Daily News is on the fridge with magnets titled "Home Inspections: Are they really worth it?"  not more that 5 feet away from where termites ventilated many portions of the wall and floor.

Finally, after he asks me how I like his red neck palace he goes around the corner and comes back with this on.  Halloween is around the corner.  That is the excuse he used for why he's donned this get up.  Yes, I had permission to publish this:

His buddy "Gravy" had on a coon skin hat and was "Gravy Crocket".  Gravy didn't want to be famous, not pictured.