May 1, 2010

Lights Out For Turtles May Through November

Turtle Nest Bonita Springs

Turtle Nesting Season on Bonita Beach

A little know fact about SW Florida and the Bonita Springs area is that May 1 - November 31 is sea turtle nesting season. Those lovely beachfront condominiums and the homes on Bonita Beach and in the Barefoot Beach community are held to strictly maintain the use of their lights to protect the turtles as they nest and hatch. No lights can shine or be visible from the beach.

Lee County, Bonita Springs, Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach have sea turtle light ordinances. During nesting season lights are to be turned off or shielded for view from the beach. Under natural conditions the brightest lights would come from the water and when the baby sea turtles hatch they make their way to the sea following the light. That is why man made light must be monitored. If the turtle hatchlings see bright lights inland they will follow the light and die from exposure, predator attack or even run over by cars.

I'm betting most of our turtles are protected, but especially our sea turtles are protected. Don't touch them, pick them up or disturb them in any way.

Whether you're a home owner, vacationer or tenant staying in a beach front home you need to abide by the rules. The citizens of Bonita Springs and our turtle hatchlings thank you in advance for you cooperation.

It's as easy as 1 2 3: (seriously, it is just that easy)

  1. Turn your lights off.
  2. Don't touch the turtles.
  3. Remove boats, furniture and other items from the beach during nesting season.
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