Nov. 1, 2008

Early Voting in Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs Board of Elections Moved To:

Bonita Springs Elections Branch Office – 25987 S Tamiami Trail #105, Bonita Springs 34134

This week we've been allow to vote early in Lee County, Florida.  The lines have been long according to internet news reports and the day I stopped in to the Bonita Springs Lee County Board of Elections was not much different.

First and foremost, it was cold so I want everyone to know that I suffered while I tried to vote early.  The line was about an hour long and the line was in the shade.  I escaped the line and stood in the sun trying to not die from exposure.

While I was in line one of the firefighters said *hi* in my general direction.  Since I didn't recognize him and he wasn't one of the firefighters that picked the lock to get my infant twins out of my car that fateful day 20 years ago I wasn't sure he was talking to me.  He then said, "Lumberjack is inside voting."  I was surprised mostly because he knew Lumberjack and knew I was his mother, not because the punk was voting.  The rules to this house are:  If you don't vote, buckle your beak.  You have no permission to complain or whine about politics unless you've punched a ballot.  I have a zero tolerance policy, too.

Moments after my exchange with the firefighter Lumberjack comes out of early voting with his buddy, Gravy.  I hadn't known it but when Lumberjack registered to vote he took a friend and got him registered, too.  Isn't that fantastic?

I'd really catch heck if I didn't mention that his twin voted yesterday.  She got lucky with a 15 minute line.  She also said that when she finished her ballot they all cheered her for being a first time voter and applauded.  She also told me she got goose bumps when she voted for president.  I hope it wasn't a write in with her own name.

Wonder if I should let her know that when I left the early voting building they gals working their applauded me for having "the best shoes at the board of election".  It's a gift.  I have excellent taste in footware.

If you're looking for early voting or you need to get registered for the next election visit  The Bonita Springs Lee County Elections office is on Old US 41 Road just north of the railroad tracks.  You can also find your polling location on super Tuesday by putting in your address here:

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