May 12, 2013

Bonita Bay High Rise View From The Bay

Bonita Bay High Rise

Mother’s Day Weekend on The Bay – High Rise View

Season has passed a now the locals get a little time off.  On my time off the high rises of Bonita Bay mock me from the water. I’ve spent a lot of time in them the last few weeks.  The good news is that they have been selling like mad.  is 75% sold out.  

At any rate, with the time off I took a spin around the bay on my paddleboard with Slum Dawg Dillionaire.  The water is warm and the weather has been fantastic.  Here’s the paddleboard trail I take in the evenings, in case you’re wondering.  Carefully choose the direction you go to coincide with the tides, it rips through the channel.  We were in about the 2:00 o’clock position where the photo was taken with the Bonita Bay high rises in the back ground.  See you on the bay!

paddleboard trail Bonita Springs

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