Aug. 19, 2009

Boat Parades & Taste of Bonita 2009

Boat Parade

Save the Dates: Boat Parade & Taste of Bonita

Update:  You can find Taste of Bonita 2009 Times and Location Map Here:

Taste of Bonita This Sunday November 15, 2009

The web stats are showing a lot of folks looking for Boat Parade and Taste of Bonita dates, already. I imagine that our northern visits are trying to time their return so they don’t miss the two best events the fall offers in Bonita Springs, Florida.

I’ve written about the Boat Parade and Taste of Bonita Food Festival a few times in the past.  My Rotary Club, Bonita Springs Rotary Noon is actually the organization that chairs those two events.

Here’s what I want you to know about Taste of Bonita and The Boat Parade, they’re fantastic community events that thousands of people attend.  It brings the community together and raises money for charities that support the community.  The members of Rotary are local residents, business folks and retirees that consistently give to the community to put on great events like these and also help those in need.  They do it at no cost to the organization or the local government.

If you have a chance to sponsor an event by contributing to advertising, buying a raffle ticket or just attending the event and supporting it, please do so.  It only works because we’re all working together.

  • Taste of Bonita 2009 is November 15th, 2009. The list of restaurant vendors is to follow soon.
  • The Bonita Springs boat parade is December 12, 2009.

If you would like to know more or even help by sponsoring during these tough times just email and I will have a chair member contact you. 

Don’t forget Bonita Springs Rotary Noon is selling raffle tickets for great prizes at Taste of Bonita.  Don’t make me bat my eyes at you and guilt you into buying one. 

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