Olde Bonita Springs Home to Arbel

Bonita Springs, back in the day, parceled out the real estate in the BN08 geographic code and gave smaller sections legal description names like Penn Dell Park or Arbel. I’m not sure what or who Arbel was but the name is in the clerk of court records for eternity.  Arbel is located just off of Pennsylvania Avenue east of Arroyal Road in Bonita Springs, Florida.

At a home on the corner of Baretta Drive and Carolina Street there is a shrub with the prettiest pink flowers.  It looks like a variety of frangipani.

If you are a Bonitian and you know the story behind Arbel, do share in the remarks. There has to be more than real estate behind the Arbel name.  Update: Someone emailed in a tip - Arbel was the name of the construction company that developed the streets and infrastructure for the section that is now called Arbel.

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